I obtained my Masters in Microbiology and my MBA in Biotechnology Management from India in 2005. I completed the Graduate Certification Program in Molecular Biotechnology at NCSU in 2007. Subsequently I joined Dr. Carbone’s lab as a Research Technician and Lab Manager in 2008. My research work focuses on understanding the evolution of molecular genetic and phenotypic variation in aflatoxigenic fungi using experimental crosses and natural genetic variation. I am interested in the evolution of homothallism and heterothallism in Aspergillus section Flavi and understanding the function and organization of the mating type locus in multinucleate fungi.


Since Jan 2011, I have been actively involved in the development of the Endobiodiversity.org website and I will assist with the storage and retrieval of project- generated data such as DNA sequences, metagenomic and transcriptome data, as well as phenotypic categorical and quantitative data. I am also involved in analyzing next generation sequence and metagenomic data using multidimensional scaling, population genetic, and phylogenetic inference methods. I have been also providing technical support at various stages in the USDA/AFRI funded grant,“Integrated management strategies for Aspergillus and Fusarium ear rots of corn."