Integrated Management Strategies for Aspergillus and Fusarium Ear Rots of Corn


The ear rot fungi Aspergillus flavus and Fusarium verticillioides contaminate corn with aflatoxins and fumonisins, which pose significant health hazards and limit the marketability of US corn. The goal of this project is to provide growers with new control strategies and decision tools to reduce the risk of mycotoxin contamination in corn. The research is organized into four themes, each with its own research objectives and timelines. The project involves researchers from five universities and the USDA/ARS.  


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Chuck Woloshuk, Perdue University

Kiersten Wise, Perdue University

Gurmukh S. JohalPerdue University

Tom Isakeit, Texas A&M University

Won-Bo Shim, Texas A&M University

Byung-Jun Yoon, Texas A&M University

Greta Schuster, Texas A&M University Kingsville

Gary Payne, North Carolina State University

Ron Heiniger, North Carolina State University

Ignazio Carbone, North Carolina State University

Burt Bluhm, University of Arkansas

Felicia Wu, Michigan State University

Bruce Horn, National Peanut Research Laboratory (USDA, ARS)