Geromy Moore was Dr. Carbone's first PdD student. He began his PhD work in January 2006 and received his doctorate in May 2010. His doctoral research was based on investigating global population structure in agriculturally important, aflatoxigenic Aspergilli. He has the honor of being the 2010 Charles Nusbaum scholar for the Department of Plant Pathology at NCSU. He is also an authority for the sexual state of two Aspergillus species he helped to discover: Petromyces flavus spp. nov. BW Horn, I Carbone, GG Moore; and Petromyces nomius spp. nov. BW Horn, I Carbone, GG Moore. In October 2010, Geromy was hired as a research molecular biologist/mycologist for the USDA Agricultural Research Service at the Southern Regional Research Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. There he is a curator of the facility’s fungal collection (mostly Aspergillus and Penicillium spp.), and a research scientist for the Food and Feed Safety division. His research goals are to improve biocontrol strategies against aflatoxin contamination, to explore genetic boundaries between closely related fungal species/genera, to expand his population analysis skills to other organisms, and eventually to work toward an updated monograph of the genus Aspergillus.